Bee boles at Edmondthorpe, Leicestershire

Detail photo of bee bole (beebole1.jpg 17kB)
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This row of five bee boles is in a south-facing wall at
Church Farmhouse, 8 Main Street, Edmondthorpe, Leics Tel: 01572 787595

The photographs were taken in the mid-1980s, since when the barn has been demolished. Further photographs were taken in August, 2001 and will be available from
Jake Young, 53 Main Street, Wymondham, Leics LE14 2AG Tel: 01572 787676
Approximate dimensions
Width: 20" at base, 6" at apex    Height: 27", in 5 foot high wall
Depth: 13-16" at base    Spacing: 6 feet, edge-to-edge

Situation photo of 5 bee boles (beebole2.jpg 16kB)

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