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Wymondham is located between Melton Mowbray, Oakham and Grantham. Find out how we pronounce the name of our village, the locations and opening times of the shop, pub and other businesses, where to stay and things to see and do.


From Stone Age relics and Roman artifacts, through the Domesday Book and Church and Parish Council records, Wymondham's published historians have a wealth of material to draw upon. At present we include brief details of Wymondham's association with Stilton Cheese along with the very first International Prize Fight.


The Women's Institute marked the dawning of the new millennium by making a photographic record of the buildings of the village. They have graciously allowed their album to be included here, and we hope you enjoy taking a look at the houses, large and small.

Photo Album

Our Gallery of sketches from around Wymondham includes further information about the village. The Gallery link is to a simple text index page that explains the download options – for quick browsing there are also small "thumbnails" linked to medium-sized and larger images.


Locals who have been featured in The Melton Times and on regional TV appear in the People section. On New Year's Day, 2000 most of the villagers gathered for a group photo (100kB).


You are welcome to use the Message Forum as a Guestbook or to discuss local matters. Comments and questions are grouped into "threads" and you can receive email notification of replies.


The Jump! page is for fast access to Internet searches and links to your Wymondham Mail account.


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