Edmondthorpe & Wymondham Station

Edmondthorpe and Wymondham Station, 1910 [ews1-150.jpg 2.8kB]
Edmondthorpe and Wymondham Station (so-named to avoid confusion with Wymondham in Norfolk) photographed from the north, circa 1910.
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Edmondthorpe and Wymondham Station, 1958 [ews2-150.jpg 3kB]
Monday morning 29th December 1958.  Edmondthorpe and Wymondham Station, viewed from the Nottingham to Spalding train as it departed east for the next stop at South Witham.
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Edmondthorpe and Wymondham Station, 1961 [ews3-150.jpg 3.1kB]
Edmondthorpe and Wymondham Station, looking east, July 1961.  Villagers were able to travel by rail to Nottingham, Leicester, Spalding, Yarmouth and Cromer until the line was closed to passenger traffic in March, 1959.  HRH the Queen visited in 1966 or 67.  The Royal train was parked overnight nearby.
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Edmondthorpe and Wymondham Station [ews4-150.jpg 3.8kB]
An earlier view of Edmondthorpe and Wymondham Station, again looking east, but the station appears to still be operational.  The platform lamps are still complete, and a ladder can be seen propped against the third one along.  Gerry Springthorpe, originally of Scraptoft near Leicester but now residing in Orange County, California kindly supplied this photo. Gerry travelled as a Fireman on some of the last trains to use this line.
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The former station, 2000 [sta-150.jpg 5.5kB]
The Pines, Butt Lane, Wymondham, Leicestershire, taken in the year 2000.  A private residence converted from the former railway station offices of the Edmondthorpe and Wymondham branch line.
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Train near Wymondham, 1956 [train150.jpg 4kB]
Saturday 1st September 1956.  The 3.15pm express from Leicester to Yarmouth, Norwich and Cromer, double headed by 4MT locos, about to pass under the bridge carrying the Wymondham to South Witham road, near Highfield Farm.  The leading engine is just passing the gradient post marking Wymondham Summit.  Eleven coaches, of which the first is the restaurant car, formerly of the Great Eastern Railway.
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Wymondham Goods Yard, 1918 [wgy1-150.jpg 3.5kB]
Robert Gott Barfoot (standing), agent for Herbert Whait and Harry Naylor (on dray) at Wymondham Goods Yard, circa 1918.
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Wymondham Goods Yard, 1961 [wgy2-150.jpg 2.7kB]
Wymondham Goods Yard, looking west.  The old cattle pen and engine shed are to the left of the track, with the bridge carrying Brickyard Lane ahead.  July 1961.
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Wymondham Goods Yard, 2002 [wgy3-150.jpg 3.5kB]
The site of the former Wymondham Goods Yard, looking west.  Taken from the bridge, Butt Lane.  March 2002.
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Wymondham Goods Yard, 2002 [wgy4-150.jpg 3.5kB]
Gates on Butt Lane (formerly Station Road) to the site of the former Wymondham Goods Yard.  The engine shed lies ahead, with The Red House, Brickyard Lane beyond, and the remains of a recently demolished shed to the right.  March 2002.
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Bridge, Butt Lane, 2001 [bridge150-2009.jpg 7.8kB]
The bridge taking Butt Lane over the old railway line.  Dates are scratched into patches of mortar to record the progress of the crack in the brickwork.  The bridge is due for infilling to strengthen it.  The former station lies beyond and to the right.  September 2009.
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View from Windmill, 2002 [m-vu-150.jpg 2.8kB]
A view from the top window of Wymondham Windmill, June 2002.  Part of the former station is seen on the left.  In line ahead are the house originally used by the master of the railway construction gang; the derelict shed at the gates of the Goods Yard; the back of the Berkeley Arms; and St Peter's Church.  The village of Teigh is among the trees on the horizon.  To the right of the photo is the engine shed.
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All but one of the black and white photos are taken from Ralph Penniston Taylor's A History of Wymondham, Leicestershire, Witmehà Press 1996, ISBN 1 870998 04 9 (reference copies held at Oakham and Melton Mowbray Public Libraries).  The originals were provided by Michael Neal and the railway book Bourne to Saxby by John Rhodes is credited as the source of information.

Gerry Springthorpe kindly supplied the black and white photo, which is the last one available showing the station in operation.

The colour photo of The Pines is from Wymondham Women's Institute's Millennium project.  All other colour photographs, image preparation, additional text and page design by Jake Young, WebCobbler to Wymondham, November 2002, June 2005 and November 2009.

Many more photos are available from Peter Smith's Syston & Peterborough Railway website (follow the link for "Branch").  Collections of photos on CD-ROM are available for purchase.

For further information, please see Building a Railway: Bourne to Saxby by Stewart Squires and Ken Hollamby, published by the Lincoln Record Society in September 2009.  Featuring photographs taken by Charles Stansfield Wilson, the engineer who supervised the civil works during the construction phase of the line from 1890 to 1893, along with recent photographs for comparison.  A copy is available for borrowing by members of the Wymondham & Edmondthorpe Civic Society.

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