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Special Needs Schools Merger: The Concerns

Melton Times October 25, 2001
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A massive fundraising effort by Melton people in the Nineties may finally be put to good use when a proposed new special school is built.

County Hall is planning to construct a new 80-place school in Melton and the proposals include a hydrotherapy pool which was originally going to be built at the Mount School.

Around £70,000 has been generated for the pool since the Friends of the Mount School started fundraising in the early Nineties.

But the project was delayed because of the uncertain future of The Mount, which will now close along with Craven Lodge to make way for the new school, as Leicestershire County Council reviewed special education provision.

Friends of Mount School chairman Dr Sam Crossley, also governors' chairman, said he had been authorised to offer the money to put into the melting pot.

"It has been raised with the people in education that this funding exists and is intended to be spent."

The hydrotherapy pool appeal started around 1992 when the target was around £160,000 and hundreds of people and businesses got behind the drive.

The aim was to provide the pool and jacuzzi to help improve the mobility of pupils with special needs.

The Melton Times ran a campaign which raised £4,000 and people did all sorts of things to raise money -- anything from sponsored diets, walks and headshaves to fêtes and fashion shows.

And, even though the project stalled, donations are still being made to the pool appeal.

Dr Crossley said the big problem had always been where to put the pool and other sites in town had been considered in recent years.

If the pool was built using the fund then it would have achieved its purpose, he added.

Dr Crossley added the proposal to build a new school was enthusiastically welcomed by the governors and a positive step forward.

Small photo of Dr Sam Crossley (newspaper scan, 5.5kB)

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