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What's New
The latest additions to this site.

Wymondham is located between Melton Mowbray, Oakham and Grantham. Find out how we pronounce the name of our village, the locations and opening times of the shop, pub and other businesses, where to stay and things to see and do.

From Stone Age relics and Roman artifacts, through the Domesday Book and Church and Parish Council records, Wymondham's published historians have a wealth of material to draw upon. At present we include brief details of Wymondham's association with Stilton Cheese along with the very first International Prize Fight.

Photo Album
The Women's Institute marked the dawning of the new millennium by making a photographic record of the buildings of the village. They have graciously allowed their album to be included here, and we hope you enjoy taking a look at the houses, large and small.

Our Gallery of sketches from around Wymondham includes further information about the village. The Gallery link is to a simple text index page that explains the download options -- for quick browsing there are also small "thumbnails" linked to medium-sized and larger images.

Locals who have been featured in The Melton Times and on regional TV appear in the People section. On New Year's Day, 2000 most of the villagers gathered for a group photo (100kB).

You are welcome to use the Message Forum as a Guestbook or to discuss local matters. Comments and questions are grouped into "threads" and you can receive email notification of replies.

For fast access to Internet searches and links to your Wymondham Mail account. This page is sorely in need of a revamp!

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Showing Wymondham in relation to the Midlands and Leicestershire, plus a map showing some of the principal built features of the village. More maps are included in the Photo Album


Latest Additions

May 2008
The opening times for Old Bakery Antiques have been updated. The housing development on the Space Foods site is nearing completion. The Windmill is up for sale and the Sedley Centre will lose its funding from the County Council in August 2009. The good people of Wymondham would still prefer it if you knew only the bare minimum about the place. The constraints of having this webspace with my old dial-up ISP means that you're more likely to find fresh content at www.le14.co.uk.

April 2006
Minor updates to publicize the Wymondham May Festival on May 6th.  More details at http://wymondham-may-festival.le14.co.uk (wot I wrote, natch).

July 2004 - March 2006
There have been no updates this month these many months, due to the weather.

June 2004
Notice of a Public Meeting, chaired by Melton Borough Council Planning Department, to discuss the Space Foods factory site development.  To be held in Wymondham Village Hall on Tuesday 8th June 2004, commencing at 7:00pm.

Villagers opposed to the development have designed and circulated a poster, available here.

Meanwhile, the Golling's Workshop on Main Street at the head of Chapel Lane is scheduled for demolition and replacement by a storage building.

The Gollings later partially collapsed in the wee small hours of a summer morning, making the front page of the Leicester Mercury as well as the more local papers.  Notwithstanding the potential risk to life and limb, John Hill was of the opinion that the matter was a "storm in a teacup".

Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd have applied to demolish and replace Wymondham Level Crossing House on Glebe Road.  It is left as an exercise for the reader to find a photo of the house, on this site.

June 2003
Back with a bang, here's the online version of the Wymondham and Edmondthorpe Parish Appraisal (107kB). Though, at the time of writing, it's not quite finished in terms of layout, I hope to see the document receive several additions over the coming months. The way it's been designed should make it easy to re-purpose for a variety of requirements. The main font and its size are left to you to set in your browser's preferences (as with this page). Advanced users can apply their own style sheet (get in touch with details of your browser and version if you'd like to try this). You're on your own if you're still using Netscape 4.x, which has poor support for style sheets, but at least the document should be readable.

New content has been added since last April, but there's now plenty of information that awaits an update (hopefully to be based on the forthcoming Village Directory), and a new strategy may be embarked upon for the website, to allow easier updates and input from its users. This will mean transferring to paid-for site hosting, so your ideas for a domain name are sought. www.le14.co.uk might've been OK (based on our post-code), but the LE14 area in fact stretches as far as Leicester. Ideally, the name should be short and easy to say over the `phone, but most people get to their Web destinations from a search engine or link, and so the clumsy www.wymondhamleics.free-online.co.uk name isn't too much of a hindrance.

My minor edits to the Parish Appraisal include due emphasis to Edmondthorpe, where possible. So perhaps it's time to incorporate the neighbouring villages in the site? Four years ago I was wary of treading on anyone's toes, but in the intervening time many properly funded "portals" have been set up, which do little more than point at sites such as this.

April 2002
A collection of photos taken last summer of the Windmill are being uploaded. The first are available here.

Ooh-err, try a Google search for windmill photographs ;-)

OK, I'll make it easy for you:

Given the passage of time, your result may be less impressive than when the page ranked No.1 (a.k.a. Numero Uno) of many tens of thousands.

March 2002
Silva and Peter Compton tell the Melton Times about their barn-conversion project at Teigh.  >> Read more.
It's amazing, the number of visitors to this page, which isn't particularly useful to those with an interest in barns or their conversion.

There's a folk-song about the Prize Fight of 1811 between Tom Cribb and Tom Molyneux, which was available on a CD (alas, no more, unless you twist my arm very hard).  The lyrics have been added to the History page.

February 2002
Many thanks to Fred Homewood of Somerset (previously of Melton Mowbray) for the loan of a more capable computer. Now I see that more modern browser software doesn't always behave as expected, even though most of the recent pages are thoroughly validated. The Netscape4.x series are known offenders, but even Explorer doesn't behave as well as Opera. The current thinking is that writing HTML to take into account older browsers has to stop so we can move on to XHTML. I used to have version 3 browsers as the baseline, because I still use them, but hadn't realized that Netscape v.4 had departed so far from the "prior art". I hope the content is still readable for all visitors, even if its positioning might be all over the place.

There are some scans of family history available from the late Ralph Penniston Taylor's "A History of Wymondham, Leicestershire". There's no index page, just a simple directory listing, as the page locations have been sent by email directly to those interested, but you are welcome to browse here. The pages are given names based on the page number from the book and the principal subject. At present, there are pages about the Kirk family and Samuel Pears.

January 2002
The Essentials page was given a bit of a revamp and a coloured print of the Wymondham Fight has been added to the History page.

Finalising the page design for Ralph Penniston Taylor's history of the village continues. By the use of alternative style sheets there will be the ability to choose different colour schemes and to hide additional paragraph numbers and annotation etc., according to the reader's requirements. Watch this space!

Major changes are afoot in Wymondham, yet there is little input from villagers to this site. If you wish to publicly express your opinion either hop along to the Message Forum or email an article (preferably as plain text or rich text format rather than a proprietory wordprocessor format -- see the Save As menu in your software).

December 2001
The Christmas church services for the parish are listed here.  As well as Wymondham, the villages of Buckminster, Coston and Sewstern are included.

On a seasonal note, here's an amusing piece about a well-remembered evening of carol singing. Some of the participants have moved on, changed name through marriage or simply grown up, but you'll certainly recognize the village if you've ever lived here.  >> Read more

This year, the merry choir will start from The Pumphouse, Nurses Lane (by the kind invitation of Hessie and Tim Bonham), on Sunday, 23rd December at 5:00pm, and wend their way round the village to a rousing finalé at the Berkeley Arms, in the process adding to the £2000 collection donated to the NSPCC over the years. If you wish to join them, bring as many of your family as possible, equipped with lanterns and torches. Carol sheets will be provided.

Graham Clifford kindly let us have a copy of the funeral address he gave at the funeral for Ralph Penniston Taylor on 17th December. Ralph's History of Wymondham was published in 1996 and he was a dear friend to the village. The page with the address uses more CSS formatting than previous ones, which will unfortunately give a less stylish page display in older browsers.

A page detailing the activities at the Sir John Sedley Educational Centre has been added. It's based on the Sedley's new "beehive" webspace, but places all the information from 15 pages on a single page, saving over 95% of the bandwidth -- which saves you both time and mouseclicks.  >> Read more

November 2001
Nick McGeown of the Berkeley Arms, Wymondham, makes it into the Good Food Guide 2002.  >> Read more

A photograph of the War Memorial taken on May 23rd, 2001 joins the Photo Album for Remembrance Sunday, along with a list of the fallen from Wymondham in both World Wars. (47kB of images)

Nick McGeown of the Berkeley Arms helps Melton Times reporter Maria Thompson with cooking for Christmas.  >> Read more

News of Dr Sam Crossley and the decision made over the terrific sum raised for a hydrotherapy pool by the Friends of the Mount School, Melton Mowbray.  >> Read more

The opening page of the site was re-written, with easy-to-find links to maps for the village plus Wymondham in Norfolk. This is due to regular traffic for the site coming from the NavigationHelper service. The Norfolk maps were cleaned up and otherwise improved, while the homepage has gained some photos. This makes it slower to load so text-only alternatives (including the page you are reading) are now offered for some of the more complex pages. The homepage uses a fluid table design, which works fairly well for all screen resolutions, but may require horizontal scrolling (depending on font size) on 640x480 or InternetTV screens.



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