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Details of the Wymondham Mail Service provided by ZNN

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Wymondham Zap Zone Network e-mail accounts are web-based, which means you can send and collect your mail from almost any computer connected to the internet (at the library, or a friend's house, for example). This is a great feature for the person who only needs to send an occasional e-mail, as well as for people who are often away from their own internet computer. Users of regular e-mail may have notification of mail sent to their account forwarded to their principal e-mail address.

There are no subscription charges for Wymondham ZZN Mail, just the 'phone-bill. The service is paid for by displaying advertisements on the screen when you use your account. Customer information is collected when you register, with the aim of tailoring the advertisements sent, but not many of your details have to be supplied in order to successfully register.

Your e-mail address will be of the form and you have an excellent chance of getting your exact choice of yourname for your e-mail address. This is not the case with the large mail services, where you may have to make do with "JoePublic148". You may choose to use upper-case letters within yourname, but the rest of the address follows e-mail tradition by being all lower-case, and yourname will probably be used more accurately if you choose it to be made up of lower-case letters only. If requested additional, more specific, addresses could be set up for clubs and neighbouring villages.

Use the service by clicking on the button

Wymondham e-mail

(which is also on the Welcome and Jump! pages), or by opening the internet address

Enter your Username and Password (there's a reminder system in case you forget it), and you're away.

Hints: Exercise caution over the selection of your password reminder, as other users of the service may know you well enough to be able to gain access. You can write your mail offline to save on 'phone charges, and then copy and paste the text into the e-mail webpage. Don't forget to save important messages! There is space for this with your account, but you can also paste mail you've received into Textpad, Notepad or a wordprocessor program and save it to a floppy or the computer's hard drive. You can then retrieve it without being online.

Information in far greater detail is available from the Zap Zone Network by following the Help link below the Password box when you log-in to Wymondham Mail. This opens a new browser window which you can keep in the background for reference while using the Mail page. The link below the User Name box allows you to report any problems to ZZN's Technical Support.

Please 'phone (01572) 787676
or e-mail Jake
with suggestions for additional e-mail addresses.

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