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  – and the couple wore purple  
Punk groom and medieval bride catch the eye...
Melton Times, August 10, 2000
Alison Crabtree and David Sadler wanted to do something very different on their wedding day and the Wymondham couple did not disappoint.

The bride wore a velvet medieval-style dress while her bridegroom went one better and donned a silver PVC suit and silver shoes with a purple shirt and matching spiked purple hair.

Alison Crabtree's wedding (ali-crab.jpg, 11.5kB)

Alison admitted: “I suppose we are slightly eccentric. We go clubbing quite a lot and you see some outrageous clothes there. We just wanted to do something similar on our wedding day.”

The bride, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Crabtree, of Wymondham, is a former Melton Upper School pupil and a pottery worker.

The bridegroom, son of Paul Sadler, of Somerset, and Judy Rose, of Stainby, is a former Wreake Valley College pupil at Syston and is a cabinet maker.

The couple’s mothers were witnesses at the ceremony at Oakham register office.

Alison added: “It was a brilliant day and there was a great reaction from the people who saw us.”

A reception was held at the Shires Hotel followed by a disco at Wymondham Village Hall.

The couple will continue to live in Wymondham.

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