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Alison Crabtree The wedding of a medieval bride and her punk groom.
Reg Crabtree Trapped by six tonnes of frozen vegetables, he thought he'd had his chips!
Joanne Elsome Local girl marries Scot. Bagpipes heard at reception.
Jenny Goddard Life as a railway signaller and collector of 1950s American cars.
Trevor Hickman Receiving from the Midlands Co-operative Society, on behalf of the Sir John Sedley Trust, the annual £3 rental payment for the Bell Centre, Melton.
Julia Moore Epic fundraising trip back to Wymondham from Bombay in her 1954 Fiat.
Angie Preston On duty as a Police Officer.
John Robertson New venture Achievement Unlimited encourages team-building through industry links with the community.
Michael Roythorne Wearing facepaint for the England vs. Germany European Championship football match, June 2000.
Patricia Smith Objects to siting of mobile `phone mast in village centre.
Lorraine Watkins Commenting on the Parish Watch policing project.
The Welbourns “Miff” and Doris’s 50th wedding anniversary.
Women's Institute Strutting their stuff at the Millennium Show. We have the smudgy photo evidence!
Women's Institute Pictured presenting the Millennium Photo Album to Melton Library are Kay Bruce, Gaynor Glenn, Margaret Lambert, Edna Tilley and Ruth Wallhead.
Women's Institute Collecting for disaster relief. Pictured are Kay Bruce, Gaynor Glenn, Margaret Lambert and Marion Lewis.
Wymondham Players The Autumn 2000 production celebrated the Millennium. Shown in a Melton Times photo are Joy Whiteoak, Don Christie and Jenny Weston.

Dr Peter R Hill A businessman and County Councillor with a car museum at Caister Castle.
Ernie Roythorne A countryman who contributed much to village life.

Nativity, 1999 Featuring: George, Isobel, Jack, Katie, Murray, Oliver and Rosie.
Nativity, 2000 Featuring: Bianca, Daniel, Eleanor, Jack, Liam, Luke and Sophie.
Pantomime, 2001 Featuring: most of the adult cast of Beauty and the Beast.
Year 2000 Photo Most of the village assembled in the churchyard at noon on 1st January, 2000 for this photo.

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