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Panto Fun
Melton Times, February 15, 2001

The Wymondham Players have been busy rehearsing for their pantomime Beauty and the Beast, written by the club vice chairman Jenny Weston and directed by John Robertson.

Wymondham Players: Beauty and the Beast (panto-01.jpg, 34.1kB)

Back row: Geoff Milnes (Narrator); Barry Watkins (Eerza Bargain); Jenny Weston (Fairy Fern); Kerry Conboy (Beast); Mark Trevarthen (Deadlock); Jackie Wilson (Elderberry Elf); Joy Whiteoak (Witch Hazel); Pam Elsome (Donut); John Robertson (Vanity Bargain); Jackie Semmens (Fusspot)

Front row: Shirley Chapman (Nancy Nursemaid); Cathy Moore (Flora Flowergirl); Michael Hayes (Bertie Barrowboy); Gillian Robertson (Beauty Bargain); Charlotte Warrington (Maisie Milkmaid); Lorraine Watkins (Bessie Barmaid)

Not shown: Les Mayne (Ivor Bargain); Christian Semmens (Prince Perfect); Claire Fretwell (Periwinkle Pixie); Sue Exton (Dandelion Demon); Becky Conboy (Polly Parlourmaid); Amber Warrington (Charlie the Cat); along with Ben Conboy, George Moore, Jack Moore, Zachary Warrington, Connell Watkins and Murray Watkins (Bones & Ghosts)

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