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The Old Grammar School, gramsch0.jpg, 8kB

The Windmill, old-wm-0.jpg, 3kB

The Windmill, w-mill-0.jpg, 4kB

The Old Grammar School
by Steve Wallhead, 1980

Medium-size, 27kB

Full-size, 77kB

If travelling from Melton Mowbray and the west, this is the first building you pass when arriving at Wymondham.


The Windmill
by Steve Wallhead, 1976

Medium-size, 8kB

Full-size, 25kB

Come down from the north via Waltham-on-the-Wolds and the Windmill is on Butt Lane leading into the village.


The Windmill
by David Millard, 1992

Medium-size, 12kB

Full-size version, 27kB

A more recent sketch of the Windmill, which is now a visitor attraction.

Edmondthorpe Road, ed-rd-0.jpg, 6kB
Nurses Lane, nursela0.jpg, 9kB
Butt Lane, buttla-0.jpg, 9kB

Edmondthorpe Road
by Steve Wallhead, 1990

Medium-size, 17kB

Full-size, 34kB

Travel to Wymondham from Oakham and the south and you will come down the hill and enter the village along Edmondthorpe Road.

Nurses Lane
by John Prophet, 1982

Medium-size, 27kB

Full-size, 52kB

Nurses Lane branches off Edmondthorpe Road, looping past the church before joining Main Street.

Butt Lane
by John Prophet, 1984

Medium-size, 31kB

Full-size version, 61kB

Butt Lane takes you past the Windmill and into Wymondham from the north. You will arrive close to the Bottom Shop, the Berkeley Arms and the Post Office/Cottage Stores.

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